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The Kubb On staff decided it would be fun to break down a hypothetical bracket for theU.S. National Kubb Championship and make some predictions. Just like in parts one, two, and three, the staff will look more in depth at a portion of the bracket and guess who they believe will advance to Sunday. For reference, check out the official groups and bracket.

Kubb On would like to remind everyone that this is all just for fun. The staff doesn’t claim to know every team or every player, but it’s too intriguing not to at least speculate.

The Ringers (3rd), maybe America’s most legendary team, headlines a bracket that could be full of very good teams. Other teams to watch that could make there way through this bracket include Kubbernaculums (T-5), Kubbanite (T9), Kubbquists (T13), Kubbitz, Grass Kickers, TC Choppers and Ambient Inks 1 (All group winners). There are also a couple of big names that could easily work their way to Sunday through this bracket including the Vallstars, Kingpin, and TRF Kubb.

Two members of Kubbanite at the 2017 Kubb Krawl

Quarter 1

  • Voter 1: The Ringers
  • Voter 2: The Ringers
  • Voter 3: The Ringers
  • Voter 4: The Ringers
  • Voter 5: The Ringers

Quarter 2

  • Voter 1: Ambient Inks 1
  • Voter 2: Kubbquists
  • Voter 3: Kubbquists
  • Voter 4: Kubbquists
  • Voter 5: Kubbquists

Quarter 3

  • Voter 1: Kubbernaculums
  • (Photo courtesy of Planet Kubb) Kubbitz at the 2015 U.S. National Championship

    Voter 2: Kubbernaculums

  • Voter 3: TRF Kubb
  • Voter 4: Vallstars
  • Voter 5: TRF Kubb

Quarter 4

  • Voter 1: Kubbanite
  • Voter 2: Kubbanite
  • Voter 3: Kubbitz
  • Voter 4: Kubbanite
  • Voter 5: Kubbanite

Dark Horses

  • The Vallstars

The Vallstars have been coming to the championship for years and they have always done really well, including a top 16 finish in 2015. They could have a tough road ahead of them to make it to Sunday but they have the skill and experience to make it there.

Other Teams to Watch: TRF Kubb, Ambient Inks 1, Grass Kickers

Potential Match-Up to Watch

  • Kubbanite versus Kubbitz

Two very tough teams could meet up for the chance to play on Sunday. Kubbanite will be one of the most well rounded teams in the tournament and has the ability to win it all. Kubbitz is no stranger to the big stage, having placed fourth in three separate occasions so they are accustomed to big matches against great teams. Both of these teams deserve to play Sunday but only one will advance.

Other Possible Match-Up to Watch: Vallstars versus TRF Kubb

So what do you think?  We want to hear your opinions. Please feel free to discuss what you think in the comments below.