Kubb-break?! We say no!  

With the end of the kubb season upon us, it can be difficult knowing that we will be without regular kubb meet ups, tournaments and especially the camaraderie that our sport brings. It will be another two to three months before any winter tournaments take place and that many more until the spring season kicks off. With that in mind, the hashtag #KubbMatchMonday is about to start up.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 15 at 10 a.m. (CST), one kubb match will be released on YouTube each week for the entire off-season. Both John Oman from Chaska Kubb and Thorben Schöfisch of Kubb Media in Germany will be contributing matches they have recorded in the past season.

Would you like to contribute to this hashtag? Contact Oman to be added to the rotation. The intention of this hashtag is to raise interest on as many different kubb players and clubs from around the world as possible. In the early weeks, it will kick off with some Chaska matches from their World Championship experience and the recently held 1v1 tournament and Schöfisch will contribute matches from Germany. It will branch out to include other players from there. Oman and Schöfisch will alternate weeks that they contribute their footage.

Feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channels for immediate upload notifications:  John Oman and Kubb Media. Kubb On will also be sharing links to videos on Facebook and Twitter each Monday.