Mission Statement

Kubb On is an online magazine all about kubb. It is dedicated to good writing, complete coverage, and quality content. Kubb On aims to be the go-to source of information for both those who’ve just discovered kubb, and those who’ve been playing for years.


The initial concept of Kubb On was thought up by Christopher Jones in early 2016. After discussing the idea with some fellow kubbers, and with the encouragement of U.S. National Kubb Championship Director Eric Anderson, he decided to move forward with the idea.

With the help of his brother, Bryan Jones, Christopher started brainstorming ideas and names. Bryan suggested Kubb On, a common phrase used amongst kubb players. On could also serve as a reference to “online” or used to communicate a topic, i.e. “On: Rules.” The name was set.

After the initial brainstorming sessions, server space, domains, and social media accounts were all created. As the holiday season came, and free time was limited, the project started to be pushed aside.

Neil and Kyle Weakland started blogging at the newly created OhioKubb.com website in December 2016. It wasn’t long before they were eager to reach a broader audience, and started discussing this on Kubb United’s Discord server. Christopher noticed and realized the dormant Kubb On project might be exactly what the Weaklands were looking for.

A Discord discussion was started between Neil and Christopher, then a few more people were added like their brothers (Bryan and Kyle), Garrick Van Buren, Jesse Fraim, and Phil Dickinson. Over the next few weeks, a strategy was forged for Kubb On.

Christopher, with input from Bryan, started working on the logo and identity for Kubb On. Once that was decided, the website was built. Meanwhile, content was being generated by everyone involved, so the site could launch with a variety of articles.

On April 16, 2017, Kubb On was officially launched.