Episode three of Kubb Match Monday (#KubbMatchMonday) is the first of several episodes to feature matches from the World 1v1 Kubb Championship in Chaska, Minnesota. The tournament uses the Klassic “Meat Grinder” system to pair up opponents for seven one-game rounds of matches. This format keeps competitors of like or similar records together for better competition. The first and third rounds are shown here. Lars Arneson of Stoughton, Wisconsin takes on John Ellingson of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Steve Dolan of St. Paul, Minnesota faces off with Phil Goetstouwers of Lamberton, Minnesota.


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Games from the 2018 World 1v1 Kubb Championship.

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Kubb Match Monday: Chaska White and Chaska Blue

The first Kubb Match Monday episode comes from the Kubb World Championship (VM) site in Rone, Gotland, Sweden.

Screen capture of Kubb Match Monday video.

Kubb Match Monday: Bomb The King vs. Kubbfreunde Durstiges Holz Berlin

Kubb Match Monday returns with Bomb The King (GER) vs. Kubbfreunde Durstiges Holz Berlin (GER) aka Trä som behöver öl.

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Video still from kubb match Monday episode seven.

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Highlights from Chaska Kubb’s group play at the World Kubb Championship.

Still from Kubb Match Monday Video.

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