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As with part one, the Kubb On staff continues to break down the bracket and make some predictions about the U.S. National Kubb Championship. The staff will look more in depth at a portion of the bracket and guess who they believe will advance to Sunday. For reference, check out the official groups and bracket.

Kubb On would like to remind everyone that this is all just for fun. The staff doesn’t claim to know every team or every player, but it’s too intriguing not to at least speculate.

This bracket could feature a number of really good returning teams including the Kubbing Projekt (4th), Chaska Meets Erjo16 (T-5), Tad Kubbler (T-9), Two Beardos and a Weirdo (T-13), TC Choppers, Ambient Inks 1 and Show Me Your Kubbs (All group winners). There are also a number of very strong teams who could also make their way deep into this bracket including TRF Kubb, King KungDurstige Brüder, Redheadsched and Kingpin. Teams who make their way to this bracket are sure to play some very tough teams on their way to Sunday.

Quarter 1

Two Beardos and a Weirdo, winners of the 2017 Midwest Championship

  • Voter 1: The Kubbing Projekt
  • Voter 2: Redheadsched
  • Voter 3: The Kubbing Projekt
  • Voter 4: The Kubbing Projekt
  • Voter 5: The Kubbing Projekt

Quarter 2

  • Voter 1: Two Beardos and a Weirdo
  • Voter 2: Two Beardos and a Weirdo
  • Voter 3: Two Beardos and a Weirdo
  • Voter 4: Two Beardos and a Weirdo
  • Voter 5: Two Beardos and a Weirdo

Quarter 3

  • Voter 1: Chaska Meets Erjo16
  • Voter 2: Chaska Meets Erjo16
  • Voter 3: Chaska Meets Erjo16
  • Voter 4: Chaska Meets Erjo16
  • Voter 5: Chaska Meets Erjo16

Quarter 4

Two members of Durstige Brüder at Rockford 2017

  • Voter 1: Tad Kubbler
  • Voter 2: Durstige Brüder
  • Voter 3: Tad Kubbler
  • Voter 4: Durstige Brüder
  • Voter 5: Durstige Brüder

Dark Horses

  • Durstige Brüder

This is a new team made up of two very active players who both played on teams on Sunday last year. Add in an unknown German import and you have a recipe of a team that could bust a bracket and make it all the way to Sunday.

Other Teams to Watch: Kingpin, Redheadsched and King Kung

Potential Match-Up to Watch

  • Tad Kubbler vs Durstige Brüder

Tad Kubbler is always one of the best teams in the country and Durstige Brüder is going to be a very good team. If this match-up happens and you have a chance to see it, you need to watch it. This one has the potential to be an epic battle of two very good, experienced teams fighting for their chance to play on Sunday.

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