Photo courtesy of Kyle Weakland

ROCKFORD, Ill. — The eighth annual Rockford Swedish Historical Society tournament was held on May 6, 2017 at Ingersoll Centennial park and featured 45 teams. It was a beautiful spring day for kubb in the Midwest. It was mostly sunny all day and temperatures reached 60 degrees with some heavier winds in the afternoon.

Team Ragnarok (Courtesy of Kyle Weakland)

The tournament started with eight rounds of qualification play, including a lunch break after the sixth round. After eight rounds the top eight teams were placed in the championship bracket, teams nine through 24 were placed into the consolation A bracket and all remaining teams were placed into the consolation B bracket.

The championship bracket included some great games from some of the best players and teams in the country. The first semi-final match-up featured number one seed and defending champions Strike Without Warning (Darren Finger, Pat Rupp) against number five seed Kubb Snipers (Chad Bevers, Matt Green). The second semi-final matched up number two seed Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater (Dave Giese, Brian Winistorfer) and number three seed Kubb Squirrels (Kyle Weakland, Neil Weakland)

Dave Giese and Brian Winistorfer of Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater (Courtesy of Bryan Jones)

In the first match both teams battled back and forth until Darren Finger cleared the back line by going three for three on baseline shots to take game one. In the second game they both traded baseline strikes until Darren Finger was able to clear the back line on his last baton to put eight kubbs in play. The next turn, Strike Without Warning was able to clear all eight field kubbs with four batons and take the match two to zero.

In the other semi-final, the Kubb Squirrels came out strong in the first game hitting what seemed like every eight meter shot, clearing the back line early, and taking the first game. The second game the Kubb Squirrels came out strong again, taking out four baselines to one. But Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater battled back and kept batons out of the Squirrels’ hands to take game two. In game three Ask Christian Slater took a four baselines to one lead early but the Kubb Squirrels were able to hang in the game for a while thanks to three missed king shots from Brian Winistorfer before Ask Cristian Slater took game three.

Strike Without Warning shaking hands with the Kubb Snipers (Courtesy of Kyle Weakland)

In the final match both teams traded punches in the first game before Strike Without Warning was able to clear the back line and get the win. In the second game the battle continued until Ask Christian Slater was able to clear seven with three batons and Brian Winistorfer took out the final baseline kubb and the king with his next two batons, winning the game. In game three Strike Without Warning came out fast and Ask Christian Slater couldn’t quite keep up the pace. Strike Without Warning won game three and their second Rockford championship.

In the third place game, the Kubb Snipers came out swinging and took an early lead that the Kubb Squirrels couldn’t keep up with. The Kubb Snipers would eventually take third place. In the consolation A bracket the Northmen took first and in the consolation B bracket Fowl Kubb won.

Champions Darren Finger and Pat Rupp of Strike Without Warning (Courtesy of Bryan Jones)

Final Results

  1. Strike Without Warning (Darren Finger, Pat Rupp)
  2. Shoot First, Ask Christian Slater (Dave Giese, Brian Winistorfer)
  3. Kubb Snipers (Chad Bevers, Matt Green)

Consolation A Winner: The Northmen (Troy Curtin, Joe Malkasian)

Consolation B Winner: Fowl Kubb (Dahlton, Jordan, Lenny Betker)

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