Like any team sport, kubb can be divided into positions or roles. Here are the different roles on a kubb team:


The inkaster (or inkastare, driller, server) is the player responsible for throwing back any toppled kubbs. This is one of the most important roles on a team. A good inkaster can help steal a game, but a bad one can almost guarantee defeat.


The blaster is often, but not always, the first player to throw at a pile of field kubbs. Their specialty is knocking down multiple kubbs at a time. Read more about the finesse blasting technique.


The player on cleanup duty is responsible for taking down the remaining kubb or two. This player often throws after a blaster. They specialize in high-pressure “must hit” situations. Often times this player is shooting at a single kubb left behind from a blasted group.


This player is the go-to person for throwing at the back row. The eight meter player tends to throw last, after the blaster and cleanup players clear the field kubbs.


The king slayer is the player who is responsible for knocking down the king. Depending on who has the last baton or two on a turn may determine who throws at a king, but each team usually has someone who normally does this. The ideal slayer is confident in the four meter king shot, and handles the added pressure with ease.

Photo of Brian Evans slaying a king.

Brian Evans slaying a king.

Unlike other sports, kubb teams will need players who can play multiple roles. A well-rounded player is one who may be comfortable in any position. Sometimes even the best position player may have an off day, so it’s important for everyone to practice everything — you never know when you’ll need to step into a different role.

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