Here’s something a little different for Kubb Match Monday. Digging through the archives of the past seven years worth of tournament videos, we picked out the biggest turns, the hottest streaks by any one player, and the most dramatic finishes that our GoPro happened to capture. Initially, this was going to be an 8 meter highlight video where a team progressed at least three base kubbs per turn, but it was expanded to include two base kubbs and a king. Pouring over the footage, we found so many other displays of incredible talent in our game that those needed to be included as well. A two-part video series that highlights these moments is to follow in the near future. Part one will showcase the years 2017 to 2019 and part two will include years 2013 to 2016. This is the trailer for both. This is largely an American kubb (with some Europeans) highlight video and we would love to see someone put together a European best of compilation. That would be amazing, and we’d be happy to feature on Kubb On.  

Players that made the forthcoming longer version in order of appearance are: Chris Hodges, Grant Scott, Mark Blazel, Phil Dickinson, Bryan Jones, Darren Finger, Josh Feathers, Evan Fitzgerald, Dave Giese, Aaron Ellringer, Phil Goetstouwers, Zach Brown, Max Sebesta, Mark Oman, Jason Larson, John Oman, Robert Harnack, David Juttke, Andreas Pieper, Joran Lind, Ford Rolfsrud, Matt Braa, Jais Langer, Joakim Ekelöf, Tom Thomasson, Björn Görlitz, Emily O’Sullivan (Jipp), Brian Winistorfer, Matt Erdman, Ben Lancette, Max Klages, Scott Graham, Nadine Beyeler, Pascal Meury, Joe Pendleton, Cory Shay, Kim Heremans, Spencer Ollman, Ethan Forney, Pat Rupp, and Luke Peikert.

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Big Turns, Hot Streaks & Dramatic Finishes Teaser

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