Photo courtesy of Bryan Jones.

CANTON, Ohio — Twenty-two teams hailing from eight different states—Idaho, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and North Carolina—participated in the second annual Ohio Kubb Championship. The event was held at Stadium Park in downtown Canton where Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird hosted craft and food vendors, games, and music. It was cloudy for much of the day, but the sun broke through in the late afternoon and temperatures were in the mid 70s.

Neil Weakland, co-founder of the Burning River Kubb Club, was the director for the event. Players competed in seven rounds using the DMK system with the top eight teams making it to the championship bracket.

The four teams to make it into the semifinals were: Plays With Wood (Joe Hrejsa, J.R. Hrejsa), Hägar Club USA (Phil Dickinson, Evan Fitzgerald), Kubb Snipers (Chad Bevers, Matt Green), and Kubbstaches (Bob Hicks, Jake Leavitt). In the semifinals, Kubbstaches defeated Plays With Wood in two games. Hägar Club USA defeated Kubb Snipers in three games. Kubb Snipers defeated Plays With Wood in a single game to take the third place trophy. Hägar Club USA defeated Kubbstaches in two games to take the first place trophy.

A photo of the top three teams on the podium at the Ohio Kubb Championship.

The top three finishing teams on the podium. Photo courtesy of Kyle Weakland.

There was a “Golden Baton Challenge” at noon pitting individual players against one another to see who could knock down 10 individual kubbs arranged on the pitch—five at equal distance in the upfield and five equally spaced along the baseline. Fitzgerald and Bevers tied with seven down the first time so the two had a throw-off. In the second round, Fitzgerald defeated Bevers to win the event.

Final Results

  1. Hägar Club USA (Phil Dickinson, Evan Fitzgerald)
  2. Kubbstaches (Bob Hickes, Jake Leavitt)
  3. Kubb Snipers (Chad Bevers, Matt Green)

Consolation Winners: Kubb it or lose it

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