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With all the excitement of the U.S. National Kubb Championship draw this past weekend, the Kubb On staff decided it would be fun to break down the bracket and make some predictions. In this article, the staff will look more in depth at a portion of the bracket and guess who they believe will advance to Sunday. For reference, check out the official groups and bracket.

Kubb On would like to remind everyone that this is all just for fun. The staff doesn’t claim to know every team or every player, but it’s too intriguing not to at least speculate.

In addition to Damage Incorporated (2016 Champion) there are a number of very strong teams that could make their way to Sunday. Among them are John Kubber Mellencamp (T-9), Man Kubbs (T-13), Kubbstaches, King Me, Ona Orth, and Kubboom Jr (all group winners).

Quarter 1

Photo of the Kubbstaches playing kubb.

The Kubbstaches at the 2017 Ohio Kubb Championship

  • Voter 1: Damage Incorporated
  • Voter 2: Damage Incorporated
  • Voter 3: Damage Incorporated
  • Voter 4: Damage Incorporated
  • Voter 5: Damage Incorporated

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Photo of the Northmen playing kubb.

The Northmen at the 2017 Rockford tournament

  • Voter 1: Kubbstaches
  • Voter 2: Kubbstaches
  • Voter 3: Pure Michigan
  • Voter 4: Kubbstaches
  • Voter 5: Kubbstaches

Quarter 4

Dark Horses

  • The Northmen
  • Kubb Life

Both of these teams have been active this spring. The Northmen did well at Rockford (Consolation Champ) and Kubb Life at Madison (2nd in Consolation). Both teams also made a little noise last year in Eau Claire and are poised to take the next step forward. Keep your eyes open for these two teams to possibly turn some heads this year.

Other teams to watch: Pure Michigan, Eat Sleep Kubb Repeat

Potential Matchup to Watch

  • The Northmen versus King Me

If these two very good teams meet on their path to Sunday, this will be a great battle to watch. Both of these teams are looking to take the next step to Sunday, so both teams will give it everything they’ve got to advance.

So what do you think? We want to hear your opinions. Please feel free to discuss what you think in the comments below.