For this Kubb Match Monday, we’re road tripping to the Great Lakes 1v1 Kubb Championship in Alanson, Michigan. Phil Dickinson hosts this tournament on his rural property in the upper part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. All competitors are invited to stay at his place and eat his food. Nightly bonfires promote camaraderie within the sport. This video features the lunch break Kingslayer competition shown here. Players making appearances this week are Bryan Jones of Monroe, Michigan; Matt Erdman of Norwood, Minnesota; Joe Hrejsa of Alanson, Michigan; Jesse Fraim of Kalamazoo, Michigan; Matt Green of Appleton, Wisconsin; John Oman of Chaska, Minnesota; and Phil Dickinson himself. There is no other kubb weekend like this one. Everyone should put this on their bucket list of kubb events to attend.

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The Great Lakes 1v1 Championship Kingslayer Competition.

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