Photo courtesy of Demian Moore.

SHAKOPEE, Minn. — Kubb players are hardcore. On a day that any baseball game would have been indefinitely rain delayed, the dedicated — or maybe just crazy — kubb players at the Midwest Kubb Championship powered through and competed. It was reported to be the rainiest May 20 in Minnesota history, and the soaked, shivering players would probably agree. The weather was a big story for this tournament. All week leading up to the event the weather forecast looked progressively worse. Once the day of the tournament came, the forecasts unfortunately proved to be true. This may have lead to a rather small turnout of 15 teams.

The original plan was for the kubb tournament to be part of the Field of Games held in the middle of the Canterbury horse racetrack, amongst the races of the day. Unfortunately, the dire weather conditions forced Canterbury to close that area and move the games elsewhere. In light of this turn of events, Canterbury is interested in “doing it right” sometime in the future.

The kubb play was interesting, to say the least. The conditions made for some interesting bounces, “curveball” throws, and muddy drilling. Despite the weather, teams kept spirits high and battled hard, as always.

After seven rounds of qualifications with the DMK Klassic system, teams were seeded into the championship and mini brackets. The top eight made the championship, while the remaining teams were put in the mini bracket.

The semi-finals were made up of Kubbanite (Matthew Erdman, Phil Goetstouwers, Ford Rolfsrud) versus Two Beardos and a Weirdo (Emily Jipp, Andrew Thibodeau, Brian Winistorfer). On the other side, Damage Incorporated (Darren Finger, Scott Forster, Gregg Jochimsen) took on Lumber Düdes (Steve Dolan, Christopher Jones, Tim Motzko).

Two Beardos and a Weirdo had been clicking all day, and it continued in their semi match. They took down Kubbanite in game one. In game two, Kubbanite fought back and won, giving Two Beardos and a Weirdo their first loss of the day. The deciding game three was won by Two Beardos and a Weirdo.

In contrast, the Damage Incorporated and Lumber Düdes match dragged on for quite some time. Game one lasted longer than the whole semi match on the other side of the bracket. In a very back and forth battle, Damage Incorporated finally won the first game. In game two, Lumber Düdes came out hot on their eight meter game, and took the game before Damage had time to answer. Game three looked to be headed the same direction as two. The Düdes had cleared their back row, but after a struggle to clear their field kubbs, they left one standing. Damage took advantage of the line and took care of the field kubbs, their four remaining baseline kubbs, and the king to win the game and match.

The finals were set and for the first time all day, there was a break in the rain. The first game was a very close one, which included nine kubbs in play. Two Beardos and a Weirdo took the win. In game two, Damage Incorporated was a little cold on eight meters and that allowed Two Beardos to pull ahead. Winistorfer set up for a king shot, but skimmed the top and the king  only wobbled, but didn’t fall. Two Beardos and a Weirdo  got a shot at redemption the next round and they didn’t miss this time. Two Beardos and a Wierdo won the 2017 title.

In the third place game, Kubbanite made quick work of the deflated and obviously tired Lumber Düdes. This was a one and done match, so winning the game meant Kubbanite took home the third place trophy.

Final Results

  1. Two Beardos and a Weirdo (Emily Jipp, Andrew Thibodeau, Brian Winistorfer)
  2. Damage Incorporated (Darren Finger, Scott Forster, Gregg Jochimsen)
  3. Kubbanite (Matthew Erdman, Phil Goetstouwers, Ford Rolfsrud)

Mini Bracket winner: Tossing Butter (Troy Curtin, Brian Evans, Joe Malkasian)

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