Week six of the Skill Builder Wednesday series features three more challenges to help you build your kubb game.

Painted Squares Challenge

Photo of kubb in a painted square.In the Painted Squares Challenge, each person is timed on how long it takes to complete this game. Accuracy and speed are critical. Paint 10 squares around the pitch, including a few in the near pitch (short porch shots). Put one kubb in the center of each box. Players will use six batons to try and get all the kubbs down. If they don’t get them down, they pick up the batons and go back to baseline and continue throwing until they do. Combination shots are allowed and encouraged. Timing begins when the first baton leaves the player’s hand and stops when the last kubb hits the ground. Each contestant takes a turn. The winner is the person who can clear the kubbs in the least amount of time.



8 Meter Sniper Contest

Each player throws six batons at five kubbs on the baseline. The player with the most down wins. If there’s a tie, those players stay in the contest, but this time they only throw five batons at five kubbs on the baseline. The most kubbs down wins. Otherwise, those who tie will go to the next round and only throw four batons at five kubbs. This continues in this manner until there’s a winner. If there’s a tie with players only throwing one baton, then the contest starts over with six batons and five base kubbs for those remaining players.

Kast and Blast Contest

Players take turns drilling 10 kubbs into the upfield. Any kubbs that cannot be raised inbounds are not rethrown and are out of play. Kubbs are raised offensively (to the benefit of the blaster), but shunting must be minimized. The player throws one baton and receives a score for how many kubbs fell. Each player does this three times and the most kubbs down with one baton throw is their score. The player with the most kubbs down wins. Those who tie for the high score will “kast and blast” one time each and the high score is the winner.