Today’s Skill Builder Wednesday practices focus on variety of blasting distances and situations.

Zigzagging 10 Kubbs at 4.5 and 5 meters

Take 10 kubbs and stagger them in a zigzag pattern upfield just beyond the centerline. The zigzag pattern begins near one of the midfield posts at 4.5 meters away, the next one is at 5 meters away, then back to 4.5 meters away, and so on until it stretches evenly across the pitch from midfield post to midfield post. From the air, it would look like and elongated crown at the centerline. Standing at the baseline, use 10 batons and try to hit every kubb down in the upfield without a miss. Go for solid hits. There’s a chance for doubles if you throw at an angle, which will give you extra batons to complete the practice successfully.

Quadruples and Sextuples

This challenge uses four kubbs and two batons. Drill four kubbs into the upfield. Try to get them all down with one baton so your second one can slay the king. If unsuccessful, at least try to clear the four kubbs with two batons. Move to the opposite baseline and repeat. Do it over and over again until you can knock down all four kubbs with one baton and use your second one on the king. For an additional challenge, do the same thing, but use six kubbs and three batons (Sextuples). Throw batons at the drilled pile of six trying to have one baton left over for the king. If not, be sure to clear the pile.

Debris Pile Practice

Stand several kubbs up about a half meter past the centerline. Place two or three kubbs lying flat on the ground in front of them so you’re only seeing three inches of the standing kubb. If you want to make it more difficult, place a few lying flat behind it as well. Practice throwing six batons at the standing field kubbs, trying to get them down. You’ll need to consider baton rotation, how to avoid the deadwood or use it to your advantage, and how hard to throw. This is great practice for a real game situation. Two players can work together for this practice challenge. Each player makes a pile for the other, two field kubbs standing and three on the ground. Each player throws three batons from opposing baselines. Challenge each other with difficult piles. Rotate to different baselines and repeat.

Blasting Different Distances

Put a staked kubb (steel rod imbedded in the kubb to stand on the ground so it doesn’t fall) at 4 meters (centerline) and a staked kubb at 8 meters (opposite baseline). Throw three batons at the 4 meter kubb and three batons at the 8 meter kubb. You are attempting to strike the kubb with each throw. In round two, you pick up each baton where it lands and throw from that spot at the 4 meter kubb only. You’re second round of throwing six batons is always at the 4 meter kubb. You might have a variety of distances, including a few inches up to 8 meters or more. It helps work different angles. Count your total hits for one point each. A perfect score is 12. Like many other practices, this one would make a fun game against an opponent.