APPLETON, Wisc. — The fourth annual Cabin Fever Kubb Tournament was held on Jan. 25, 2020, in Appleton. Twenty-three teams hailing three different states came together at Game Day Sports Bar to battle it out in the sand at this indoor competition. Despite snow and slush outside, everyone enjoyed the welcome relief of the warm indoor venue.

Matt Green of the Kubb Snipers directed the event. Teams were seeded after six rounds of single games using the Challonge Swiss Bracketing system. The Championship Division quarter-finals matches were best-of-three games. Sudden Impact (Phil Dickinson, J.R. Hrejsa) beat Thin Kubb Line (Matt Bucci, Scott Kent) in two games. Ready….WHAM!! (Caleb Lauer, Andrew Schmidt, Tim Schmidt) defeated Must be Nailed Down (Andy Terveer, Brad Vick) in two games. Wheaton County Kubb League (John Ellingsen, Adam Holtz) won their match against Feeling Kubby (Wayne Fell, Jim Hansen) in two games. Flux Capacitors (Nick Brill, Joe Dekan) took the win over Stranger Danger (Joe Hrejsa, Cassie Schafer) after a three game battle.

In the semi-finals, Sudden Impact beat Ready….WHAM!! in two games while Wheaton County Kubb League took the match against Flux Capacitors in two games.

The finals saw Sudden Impact take out Wheaton County Kubb League in two games to become the 2020 Cabin Fever Champions. Ready….WHAM!! won against Flux Capacitors in the best-of-one-game to take third place.

In the single-game consolation division, the semi-finals saw My Favorite Driller (Cody Glorioso, Sara Jean, Bryan Jones) beat Fisting Tigers (Ken Nelson III, Bryce  Pecore, Rob) while Screw City Kubb (Evan Fitzgerald, Dan Ivanuck) beat Ragnarok (Jens Arneson, Lars Arneson, Nick Roth). In the finals, Screw City Kubb won the division by beating My Favorite Driller. Fisting Tigers beat Ragnarock to take third place.

Earlier in the day, individual players got to compete in a fun skills challenge. Ten kubbs were staggered at different distances in the upfield. Players attempted to knock down as many kubbs as possible and the king last using only 10 batons. The kubbs were uniquely positioned to encourage combination shots. Phil Dickinson and Andy Terveer each tied with eight kubbs down after the first round, requiring the two to throw again in a tiebreaker. Dickinson won the tiebreaker and the challenge by toppling another eight kubbs.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Jones.

Final Results

  1. Sudden Impact (Phil Dickinson, J.R. Hrejsa)
  2. Wheaton County Kubb League (John Ellingsen, Adam Holtz)
  3. Ready….WHAM!! (Caleb Lauer, Andrew Schmidt, Tim Schmidt)

Consolation Winner: Screw City Kubb (Evan Fitzgerald, Dan Ivanuck)