EAU CLAIRE, Wisc.— Eau Claire is known as the kubb capital of North America. It’s home to several national champions, the Blue Golds, and Ray’s famous ham’n’cheese samiches. Well, make room on the wall of accomplishments because you can add home of the largest indoor kubb party to the list thanks to power couple Andy and Bridget Long and the fine folks at Wagner’s Lanes and The Complex.

The Complex at Wagner’s, a seasonal pop-up tent attached to the bowling alley houses a full bar, restaurant, six sand volleyball courts, and countless square footage for all your recreational desires. It is a utopia for kubb enthusiasts looking for a break from braving the winter elements of the North. The six volleyball courts translates quite nicely to 12 kubb pitches. On Saturday, March 25, the stage was set for the second open kubb tournament held at the Complex. Now, kubb could get lost in the shuffle due to all that surrounds the pitches, however, it quickly reminds you that kubb is capable of surviving on a deserted island if needed.

At the end of the day, the podium had its share of usual suspects with Damaged Incorporated taking first place, the boys from Chaska Blue falling just short in second place, and the inevitable force of Emily Jipp and team capturing the last spot on the podium.

The day was more than just kubb. People were loose, having fun, and enjoying one another’s company. They were challenging themselves in other games of skill that included giant sized Jenga, Connect Four, bags, and beer pong. The atmosphere was both inviting and intoxicating.

Highlights of the day included a raffle, the undeniable presence of Kubb Society, new teams, and new friendships. Old friendships and rivalries were renewed as kubb continues to grow. So many people were sharing their ideas, and there was a realization that more cities need a facility comparable to Wagner’s Lanes/The Complex.

Eau Claire Kubb League held a great event that allowed players to break from the winter elements and head indoors to The Complex for some fun in the sand. Be sure to pay attention for your next opportunity to throw blocks and sticks inside the heated and versatile indoor kubb utopia.

Final Results

  1. Damage Incorporated (Darren Finger, Scott Forster, Gregg Jochimsen) of Waukesha and Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  2. Kubbanite (Matt Braa, Matthew Erdman, John Oman, Ford Rolfsrud) of Chaska, Minnesota
  3. Winnie’s Pooh (Emily Jipp, Andrew Thibodeau, Brian Winistorfer) of Minneapolis

Consolation Winner: King Ringers (Chris McDiarmid, Steve McDiarmid, Dave Ellringer) Hartford and Eau Claire, Wisconsin