The inside of the yurt.

​SUPERIOR, Wisc. — The Lake Superior Kubb Club hosted their first annual tournament Ice Festival tournament this past weekend.  It was held on the lake just off of Barkers Island in Superior. The festival itself had numerous events going on throughout the day including motorcycle ice racing, ice carving, and a polar plunge/sauna area. The kubb tournament was in a beautiful location near the island, a view of the historic part of town, and convenient amenities nearby. Nine teams participated, seven of which were local and the remaining two from Chaska Kubb.

Organizers, Shane, Erik, Jenny, and Stephanie Linge were gracious hosts. They provided free food, coffee, Rebuilding Blocks books, outstanding hot chocolate, and a yurt in which to keep us all warm. This venue ranks in Chaska’s top three locations that they have ever played. They highly recommend that others make the trip here in 2021.

This recap is written from the perspective of the six Chaska players that attended. These are their top five memories from the day.

Jason “J.P” Larson

  1. Getting “Boo Boo” into competitive kubb again and not being a nervous nelly
  2. Watching Trevor realize it’s just like the backyard and blasting seven
  3. Playing with new guys and helping out the fourth team finishers how to play — “thanks coach”
  4. An all Chaska finals
  5. Little kids sticking around to watch and families hanging out wanting to learn

Matt Erdman

  1. Awesome venue and hospitality, down-to-earth
  2. Getting back into competitive play post-baby
  3. Being able to throw after a year off
  4. Playing with two co-workers
  5. Bringing home THE SHIP and watching Trevor hit all day

Ice carving.Trevor Bailey 

  1. Winning my first tournament attended
  2. Ice carving was awesome
  3. First ever Yurt (year-round tent)
  4. Playing with my Westies/new gang and getting suckered into this game
  5. Missing the king way too frequently

John Oman

  1. Watching the motorcycle ice races at lunch time
  2. Seeing our two new guys embrace this game like we all do
  3. The moment that Eric (new guy) said, “I’m hooked”
  4. When Eric picked up an unlikely triple that propelled us to victory
  5. I finally felt good at 8 meters for the first time in a while

Paul Knutson

  1. Pulling in and seeing our awesome venue
  2. First yurt ever
  3. Talking to the people running the sauna and the “sauna glow”
  4. Telling Eric about it never being over—in our semi finals match especially
  5. Two rookies in the ship

Eric Lebow

  1. How nice and welcoming the hosts were
  2. The yurt
  3. An 11 out of 10 anxiety (some shots felt like the most important thing I have ever done)
  4. John’s winning shot in the semi-final throw off (although I might have not been looking)
  5. Ice dirt bike races

Lake Superior Ice Festival Kubb Tournament trophies.

Photos courtesy of John Oman.

Final Results

  1. Chaska Blue
  2. Chaska Wannabee Neighbors
  3. Kubbin’ in my Pants
  4. Kubba the Hut

Watch the finals on YouTube

The finals match and the winning turn of the third place match.