Wicked fast perfect games is this week’s goal. Without any tournaments to keep us on our game, we had to create our own in 2020. Virtual kubb was at the forefront of this year. JP’s Backyard Games created virtual competitions for creativity and speed. This is all about speed! Artemio Scaltro of Italy can be credited with the original fastest time of 9.28 seconds. This would soon be contested by people around the world. Grant Scott of Iowa, John Oman of Minnesota, Standa Holakovsky of Czechia, Marc Binder and Jacky Suter of Switzerland, Emily O’Sullivan of Minnesota and Matti van den Eynde of Belgium all turned in speedy entries. O’Sullivan and van den Eynde were so far ahead of the rest of us. In fact, van den Eynde continued to send in entries well after dark on the evening of the deadline. Those two were only a few hundredths of a second apart.

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Week 16