DAVIDSON, N.C. — The fifth annual Queen City Kubb Spring Fling was held Saturday, March, 27 in Davidson. The day started with an overcast sky in the morning that opened up into a nice sunny afternoon until the wind picked up and a storm blew through in the late afternoon. A total of 11 teams and about 24 players from seven states and the country of Sweden attended the tournament hosted by the Queen City Kubb Club.

In the morning, the teams played seven rounds of Klassic system qualifying rounds, with Playin’ for Chubbs (Joe Harbert, Bob Hickes) earning the top seed. After the first round of championship play, the semi-final matches were set with the Playin’ for Chubbs taking on Kung Mördare (Rebecca Martel, Kyle Weakland) in one semi-final and the Kubb Snipers (Matt Green, Joe Hrejsa, J.R. Hrejsa) against Das Kubb (Nick Bartlett, Mike Davids).

In the first semi-final, Playin’ for Chubbs was able to take out Kung Mördare in two games. In the second semi-final, Das Kubb took game one but the Kubb Snipers took game two, forcing a third game to advance. In game three, the Kubb Snipers proved to be too much for the Das Kubb, with the Kubb Snipers winning to advance to the finals.

In the first game of the championship match, Playin’ for Chubbs started strong by taking two 8 meter kubbs with their first four batons. The next turn, the Kubb Snipers got one baseline kubb back, but Playin’ for Chubbs took two more to extend the lead on the next turn. From there, the Kubb Snipers had trouble clearing and didn’t get many opportunities at 8 meters, eventually leading to Playin’ for Chubbs taking game one. In game two, both teams took one baseline kubb in their first turn. Playin’ for Chubbs added two more in their first turn with six batons to take a strong lead. The Kubb Snipers wouldn’t back down, adding three more 8 meter kubbs in their next turn to put seven kubbs in play. Two turns later, Kubb Snipers got an advantage line and won game two. In game three, the Kubb Snipers knocked down one kubb in the opening turn, but Playin’ for Chubbs cleared it and went three-for-three on the back row to take a commanding lead. The Snipers weren’t able to get any back and the next turn, Playin’ for Chubbs cleared the field in two batons and went two-for-three at 8 meters leaving one baton left for the king to win the 2021 Queen City Kubb Spring Fling.

Photo of the top three teams at the 2021 Queen City Kubb Spring Fling.

The top three teams pose with their medals.

Photos courtesy of Kyle Weakland

Final Results

  1. Playin’ for Chubbs (Joe Harbert, Bob Hickes)
  2. Kubb Snipers (Matt Green, Joe Hrejsa, J.R. Hrejsa)
  3. Kung Mördare (Rebecca Martel, Kyle Weakland)