Three Nations Cup Logo.EUROPE — Kubb On co-founders Bryan Jones, Christopher Jones, and Kyle Weakland will be making the trip to Europe for the 3 Nation Cup. The three will play under the team name, Kubb On: Tour. Weakland and Bryan Jones will kick things off with the Pfälzer Kubb Open in Schindhard, Germany on Saturday, May 12, 2018, where they’ll each pair up with some local players.

Christopher Jones will be joining the crew in Belgium the following week. There, the three will team up as Kubb On: Tour to compete in the Dissers KUBB Trophy in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium.

After that, the team will work their way down to Switzerland. There they’ll compete in the Kubbmaister in Schützenmatte, Switzerland.

Throughout their European tour, the Joneses and Weakland plan to take photos, video, and if possible, post a few updates on Kubb On’s Facebook, Twitter, and website. Keep an eye out for these posts over the next couple of weeks.