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Just like last year, the Kubb On staff decided it would be fun to break down the bracket and make some predictions. In this article, the staff will look more in-depth at a portion of the bracket and guess who they believe will advance to Sunday. For reference, check out the official groups and bracket.

Kubb On would like to remind everyone that this is all just for fun. The staff doesn’t claim to know every team or every player, but it’s too intriguing not to at least speculate.

Our voters were almost unanimous with this side. The eternally difficult and always on their game El Ringers (3rd), MPG Kubboom (G) a team with a lot of experience and good finishes in recent tournaments, Chaska Blue (T5) from the heavy hitting Chaska Kubb Club, and the Kubbstaches (T9) Sunday veterans from Morgantown, Pennsylvania and Monroe, Michigan should fill this group’s four spots. The one dissent in these predictions was the guess that a bolstered Flux Capacitors could send the Kubbstaches into another quarter to slug it out with Kubboom Jr. and Kubbadox.

Spot 1

  • Voter 1: El Ringers
  • Voter 2: El Ringers

    Chaska Blue at 2019 PreChampionship

    Chaska Blue took 4th at the 2019 Pre-Championship tournament. Photo Courtesy of Chaska Kubb

  • Voter 3: El Ringers
  • Voter 4: El Ringers
  • Voter 5: El Ringers

Spot 2

  • Voter 1: MPG Kubboom
  • Voter 2: MPG Kubboom
  • Voter 3: MPG Kubboom
  • Voter 4: MPG Kubboom
  • Voter 5: MPG Kubboom

Spot 3

  • Voter 1: Chaska Blue
  • Voter 2: Chaska Blue
  • Voter 3: Chaska Blue
  • Voter 4: Chaska Blue
  • Voter 5: Chaska Blue

Spot 4

  • Voter 1: Kubbstaches

    Bob Hickes of the Kubbstaches at the 2016 Queen City Kubb Spring Fling.

  • Voter 2: Flux Capacitors
  • Voter 3: Kubbstaches
  • Voter 4: Kubbstaches
  • Voter 5: Kubbstaches

Dark Horses

Ragnarok is not to be trifled with and if they lose in their tough morning group they could find them selves on this side of the bracket. Man Kubbs (G) is another team that has had experience winning groups and winning on Saturday. They will make it hard for whatever team comes ahead in Group EE. You’ll never Kubb Alone should be the favorite against MPG Kubboom, but the voters are giving it to MPG Kubboom, will they be able to prove them wrong?

Other teams to watch: Admiral Nelson and the Longs, Red Head Sched

Potential Matchup to Watch

  • You’ll Never Kubb Alone versus MPG Kubboom

With the entire field of voters picking MPG Kubboom, will You’ll Never Kubb Alone to get the respect they deserve, or will MPG Kubboom show them what experience means on the pitch?

So what do you think? We want to hear your opinions. Please feel free to discuss what you think in the comments below.