ELVERSON, Penn. — The Klassic system has long been a favorite of kubb tournaments, and the spreadsheet developed by Des Moines Kubb was the gold standard. Now, there’s a new kid in town, and it’s called Tournament Director. The software, developed by Bob Hickes and Jake Leavitt of Keystone Kubb, is meant to be a full replacement of the Des Moines Kubb spreadsheet. In fact, you can even import existing spreadsheets.

Tournament Director was built from the ground up to be a cross platform, native application that could do everything the old spreadsheet did, and more. Some key features include unlimited number of teams per event, brackets up to 32 teams, and automatic backups (because anything can happen at a kubb tournament). There is even a separate output screen designed to display results on a secondary screen or TV.

It is customizable too, with support for adding tournament logos and even changing the app’s visual theme. Tournament Director has many nice touches the scoring table will love, including the ability to easy to adjust results if a mistake was entered.

It’s not just for tournaments, either. Tournament Director also supports leagues, so you can enter the teams or players once, and it will set your weekly matches for you, based on the results.

Tournament Director has been in development for the past few years, and has even been used at high-profile events like the U.S. Kubb Open and East Coast Kubb Championship. It’s performed quite well, and looks to be a great successor to the Des Moines Kubb spreadsheet.

You can learn more about the software, and download the free Mac and Windows apps from the Keystone Kubb website.

Download Tournament Director

Tournament Director is available for Mac and Windows