SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. — The fourth annual West Coast Kubb Championships was held once again at Orange Grove Park in sunny South Pasadena. A record 38 teams participated in this year’s tournament with approximately 90 players participating from seven states. The morning started with six rounds of qualifying play under an overcast sky but as the afternoon came, the clouds broke and let the sun come through to make a perfect day of kubb. After the morning rounds, Kubbix Rubes (Marshall Dostal, John Pettersson) took the top seed with Kubboom Jr. (Max Klages, Sam Klages) and L.A. Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter (Evan Fitzgerald, Michelle Fitzgerald) following close behind.

After qualifying play, the top 16 teams advanced to championship play. The semi-finals featured Drill Pickles (Christopher Jones, Demian Moore) against MP Kubboom (Pat Klages, Mike Rogney) and Kubboom Jr. against L.A. Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter. Both semi-finals went back and forth, with each team taking a game, forcing both to a game three. Both Drill Pickles and LA Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter took game three to advance to the finals.

The final matches were then moved from Orange Grove Park to the home of L.A. Kubb’s own Joe Zenas, where he had a brand new pitch with fresh sod. It was complete with hanging lights and temporary bleachers and was all installed just five days earlier to accommodate the final matches.

The third place match featured two Eau Claire teams, Kubboom Jr. and MP Kubboom with Kubboom Jr. winning 2-0 to take third place. The archived live stream is available on Facebook.

After the third place game and a short warm up period, the final match started. The first game started slow until six kubbs were in play and the Drill Pickles were able to clear the field in three batons and get their last baseline with baton four to win the game.

In game two, the Drill Pickles took a big lead early, but L.A. Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter was able to clear six field kubbs with one baton and go three-for-three at 8 meters to steal game two and force a third and final game.

In game three, the Drill Pickles again took an early lead, but L.A. Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter used a strong turn to jump ahead with a one kubb lead. In the next turn, the Jones had a few kubbs get away from him leading to a messy group that the Drill Pickles were unable to clear. This  left an advantage line and LA Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter was able to finish the game and take the 2019 West Coast Kubb Championships title.

Photo of the podium at the 2019 West Coast Kubb Championships.

After the medals ceremony, everyone stuck around to play some 6v6 friendlies, eat some great food, and enjoy each others’ company well into the night, a great way to end another great kubb tournament in Southern California.

Photos courtesy of Abby Jones.

Final Results

  1. L.A. Kubb Club – Midwest Chapter (Evan Fitzgerald, Michelle Fitzgerald) of Roscoe, Illinois
  2. Drill Pickles (Christopher Jones, Demian Moore) of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota
  3. Kubboom Jr. (Max Klages, Sam Klages) of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Silver Bracket

  1. Kubby Doo (Scott Parker, Keith Pearson) of South Pasadena, California
  2. Dude, Where’s My Kubb (Corey Ackland, Alex Mackey, Brian Mancini) of Los Angeles
  3. Kubbraham Lincoln (Nick Erickson, Andrew Schwartz) of Los Angeles

Watch Finals Match

Watch the archived live stream of the finals match on Facebook