ELVERSON, Penn. — The second annual Pennsylvania Kubb Championship was held Aug.15, 2020, in Elverson. Ten teams from eight different states converged in Livingood Park for a chance at the title. Even with all the uncertainties of the world right now, there are two things you can always count on, kubb and friends. That’s what this weekend was all about, getting together with friends and making the most of the time we have by playing kubb.

Photo of the 2020 Pennsylvania Kubb Championship medals.

Some of the hardware up for grabs at the 2020 Pennsylvania Kubb Championship

The weather was great for kubb; while it was overcast most of the day, the 80 degree weather never felt overwhelming and the wind was light so it didn’t interfere with the gameplay. The morning started with five qualifying rounds with NIKA (Dan Ivanuck, Brad Vock) earning the top seed going into the quarte-rfinals. All 10 teams automatically advanced to the championship bracket, with the top six teams earning byes to the quarter-finals.

After the quarter-finals, the semi-final matchups were set with the top seeded NIKA facing the fourth seeded Das Kubb (Nick Bartlett, Mike Davids) and the second seeded Kung Mödare (Rebecca Martel, Kyle Weakland) against the sixth seeded and defending champion Kubbstaches (Bob Hickes, Bryan Jones). NIKA jumped out to big leads over Das Kubb and took the first two games to advance to the finals. The Kubbstaches were able to claw back from a first game loss in their match, to win the last two games and earn the right to defend their 2019 championship.

In the first game, NIKA started strong and jumped to a 3-1 kubb lead. The game held for that score for a few turns until the Kubbstaches were able to string together a couple of positive turns and eventually take a 4-3 lead. With seven kubbs in play, the Kubbstaches left two standing and NIKA finished the game on the next turn to take game one.

In the second game, the Kubbstaches took an early lead, up 3-1 kubbs. NIKA added one the next turn and the Kubbstaches matched them the turn after that to put six kubbs in play. This time NIKA left an advantage line and the Kubbstaches returned the favor by taking the king the next turn to even the series at one game apiece.

In game three, NIKA used a four-for-four run at 8 meters to clear the baseline in the second turn, and earned an early lead of 5-0. The Kubbstaches added one the next turn. Unfortunately, NIKA needed all six batons to clear the field, giving their opponent another chance. After the Kubbstaches added one more kubb, NIKA cleared the field with just four batons, but two missed king shots. This game the Kubbstaches yet another turn. The Kubbstaches continued to make progress, and upped the pressure on NIKA by getting two more baselines, putting nine kubbs in place. A penalty kubb in NIKA’s next turn cost them another opportunity at the king. After the Kubbstaches were only able to clear the field, NIKA had a tough time clearing the nine kubbs and left two up to give a great advantage for the Kubbstaches. The Kubbstaches were able to clear the field and knock over the king on the next turn to win the Pennsylvania Kubb Championship for the second year in a row.

In the third place game, Kung Mödare was able to get past Das Kubb, 2-0. In the consolation bracket, My Favorite Drill (Cody Glorioso, Sara Rydzik) were able to win the silver championship over Old Line Kubb (Joe Harbert, Mike Horengic, Ryan Zimmerman).

Photo of the championship podium at 2020 Pennsylvania Kubb Championship.

The 2020 Pennsylvania Kubb Championship podium.

Photos courtesy of Keystone Kubb.

Final Results

Championship Bracket

  1. Kubbstaches (Bob Hickes, Bryan Jones)
  2. NIKA (Dan Ivanuck, Brad Vock)
  3. Kung Mödare (Rebecca Martel, Kyle Weakland)

Silver Bracket

  1. My Favorite Drill (Cody Glorioso, Sara Rydzik)

  2. Old Line Kubb (Joe Harbert, Ryan Zimmerman, Mike Horengic)

  3. Varangians (Jim Fravel, Keith Shearer)

Watch the finals on YouTube

A video of the finals match.