Welcome back to another exciting season of kubb videos. You will notice a few things that are different this year.  We have changed our title and our video format. We will be working our way through the Big Turns, Hot Streaks and Dramatic Finishes series that was created during the pandemic in the spring of 2020. In the making of this project, nearly all of the kubb tournament footage ever posted to YouTube and Facebook was reviewed for consideration. The general criteria (but not limited to) for a player or a team to be included in this project was that they took at least three base kubbs during a turn, two base kubbs and a king, multiple turns in a row of high level play, or some other undefined dramatic event happened. In other words, this is the history of the best kubb we could find on the Internet at that time. Since then, more incredible content has been created and will hopefully be included next season. Here is a teaser video to get you primed for the next 19 weeks worth of top notch kubb.


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Big Turns, Hot Streaks and Dramatic Finishes Teaser