Week two of the Skill Builder Wednesday series features a couple games to help you develop your blasting skills.

Domino Kubb Challenge

You have six batons to use in all 10 levels of this challenge. Kubbs are always flat faced and arranged in domino fashion a kubb width apart. After every baton toss you are allowed to reposition all the kubbs in the level. Having a partner to stand them up is helpful! Start with one flat faced kubb at 4 meters (level one) and blast it down. Set up a second kubb directly behind the first one and blast them both down. Continue to add kubbs for the different levels until you can’t blast them down with six or less batons.

Arc Blasting Challenge

The Arc Blasting Challenge is the brainchild of John Oman (Chaska, Minnesota) and Mark Oman (Amery, Wisconsin). It’s designed to work on precision blasting at narrow 4 meter targets. Set up the challenge by arranging 10 kubbs at 4 meters (midline) in an arcing pattern with each kubb touching the next, but slightly angled away about a pinky width apart. Missing a shot or getting more than one kubb down earns the player one penalty point. Low score wins.

Single Player

Throw 10 batons attempting to pick off one kubb from the end of the arc, alternating arc ends each throw. The perfect score is zero.

Two Player

Each player throws five batons, alternating throws with an opponent, until all 10 batons have been thrown.

Multiple Players

Each player completes a “single player” game as described above.

Photo of Arc Blasting Challenge.

There can be variations of this game, including how many kubbs are arranged and how many batons are thrown. In this picture, nine kubbs are used.