A tournament in the age of social distancing

Players across the continent will battle in 1v1 virtual kubb matches to crown a champion. View details

April 18, 2020

Play at Home

#StayHome and play in your own backyard — everyone’s got home pitch advantage in this tourney!

Easy Communication

Kubb Tracker makes it easy to record your turns and automatically send them to your opponents.

Opponents at Your Level

Seven qualification rounds of the Klassic format means every round you’ll be matched to people with similar records.

Tournament Details

The general format and schedule of this tournament will closely resemble a traditional “on location” tournament.

Qualification Rounds

Qualification rounds will be generated using the Klassic system. This will match players together with other similar-record players. Currently the plan is to have seven rounds of qualifying, but this may be adjusted depending on number of total players. Rounds will be single game matches limited to 25 minutes. There will be a 10 minute break between rounds.


After qualification is finished, a championship (top 16) and a consolation (remaining players) will be generated. The championship bracket will switch to best-of-three-games matches, while the consolation remains single games.

Submitting Results

Kubb Tracker will be used to record each round throughout the tournament. Opponents can optionally use messaging or voice chats, but this is not required. Any details players enter into Kubb Tracker will automatically show up for their opponents.


You can sign up for the tournament for free, but it is encouraged that you make a donation to a COVID-19 related charity—let’s do some good with our fun! The Kubb On Shop will also be selling tournament T-shirts. A portion of each purchase will benefit the COVID-Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.


Shout-out to everyone making this possible!