DE HAVRE, Md. — The fifth annual East Coast Kubb Championship was held Saturday, June 5. It was a blistering day with temperatures above 90 degrees for a majority of the tournament. A total of 32 teams and about 88 players from nine states attended the event hosted by Old Line Kubb Club. Though the heat was oppressive, the crowd kept to their shade when they could and the on-site brewery, Hopkins Farm Brewery, kept everyone refreshed with their large selection of brews.

In the morning, the teams played seven rounds of Klassic system qualifying rounds, with Great Lakes Kubb (Phil Dickinson, Joe Hrejsa, J.R. Hrejsa) earning the top seed. After several long grueling matches in the first round of championship play, the semi-final matches were set with Great Lakes Kubb taking on the Kubbstaches (Jake Leavitt, Bryan Jones) and Kubb Kubb Ka Choo (Jesse Fraim, Adam Holtz) matched against Kubb Squirrels (Kyle Weakland, Neil Weakland).

While Great Lakes Kubb was able to continue their winning streak over Kubbstaches from their sixth round encounter, Kubb Kubb Ka Choo was not going to let their second round defeat by Kubb Squirrels hold them back as they powered through both games of the match for the win.

In the third place match, Kubb Squirrels were able to take the first two games against the Kubbstches, a matchup that was earlier called for time during the qualifying phase.

In the finals match, Kubb Kubb Ka Choo took a quick first game, but Great Lakes Kubb battled back in the second game for a long, grueling win. In the third game, Great Lakes Kubb kept it tight for a while, but Kubb Kubb Ka Choo wouldn’t let it slip through their fingers and they took the king at the end of a long, hot tournament to sit at the top of the podium.

Bob Hickes, the tournament director, ran a smooth and impressive tournament and Keystone Kubb’s Tournament Director software had an impressive showing, keeping the teams up to date with an easy to read and decipher display that was simulcasted on the Internet for people following the action at home.

Photo of the top three teams at 2021 East Coast Kubb Championship.

Photos courtesy of East Coast Kubb Championship

Final Results

Championship Bracket

  1. Kubb Kubb Ka Choo (Jesse Fraim, Adam Holtz)
  2. Great Lakes Kubb (Phil Dickinson, Joe Hrejsa, J.R. Hrejsa)
  3. Kubb Squirrels (Kyle Weakland, Neil Weakland)

Silver Bracket

  1. It Doesn’t Matter, Bob Will Change it Anyway
  2. Man Kubbs
  3. Functioning Kubbaholics

Full Match Results

All of the qualification and bracket match results.

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