Fast Facts


Saturday, May 22, 2021


Great Lakes Kubb Stadium (Dickinson family property)
10595 Rogers Rd.
Alanson, MI 49706


Facebook Messenger or text Phil Dickinson (231) 330-1794
$25, payable day of tournament


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ALANSON, MIch. — The Great Lakes 1v1 Kubb Championship is back to kick off the 2021 kubb season in Michigan. This annual event will take place on the 17 acre grounds of the Great Lakes Kubb Stadium at Phil and Stormy Dickinson’s family property in Alanson. The Great Lakes 1v1 Kubb Tournament has been held each year since 2016, formerly known as the Michigan 1v1 in its early years.

The tournament will start off with seven qualifying rounds of play using the Klassic system, where individual players will battle against each other fighting for a spot in the top eight. Those top eight players will be seeded into a championship bracket and vie for the title of 2021 Great Lakes 1v1 champion. Awards will be presented to the top four finishers. The Mister Rogers Friendly Neighbor Award will also go to the competitor who has the most neighbors throughout the day.

No stakes will be used and instead pitches will be marked with painted baselines and string for center-field and sidelines. The tournament will use Kubb United’s Rules for Open Play v1.2, which includes the neighbor rule. The 100-percent rule will also be used to determine whether or not field kubbs are in bounds.

Phil Dickinson is known for coming up with unique kubb challenges that often debut at Great Lakes kubb tournaments. This year is no different, as there will be a fun competition during the lunch break. Dickinson explained the trial, stating that “Players will compete in a level system challenge at 8 meters. Players will attempt to clear all five base kubbs with 12 batons. If successful, one baton will be reduced and the player will attempt to clear them (five base kubbs) again. This continues in this manner until one person has cleared the most base kubbs.”

Free on-site camping is available with electric and water hook-ups, if needed. Registration of $25 per player includes entry into the tournament, a custom made drink holder with the player’s name burned into the side of it, and food provided by members of the Great Lakes Kubb Cub for the weekend. As can be expected at this “kubb retreat” of a weekend, there will be bonfires and friendlies on both Friday and Saturday nights. Anyone interested in playing should register via private message on Facebook or by text to Phil Dickinson at (231) 330-1794. Payment of $25 is payable the day of the tournament. Pre-registration is encouraged so the Great Lakes Kubb Club can plan accordingly for food and lodging. Please also note that best practices for health and safety will be in effect due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Photo courtesy of Bryan Jones