This week’s Skill Builder Wednesday features two games dealing with “placed” kubbs. One helps you work on your neighbor skills to hopefully earn those coveted award kubbs, while the other helps you practice those pesky penalty kubbs.

Neighbor Game

This is an advanced drilling game. Any number of people can play. There can be up to three players to a pitch. First, remove the king. Two players drill to opposite midfield corners while one person drills to the middle. Each person throws in 10 kubbs until someone gets a neighbor kubb to win the game. There are no re-drilling kubbs if they go out of bounds. If there’s a tie, those players drill 10 more until there’s a winner. Of course, more neighbors on the pile wins over single kubbs.

Punishment Kubb Game

In the upfield, put a kubb a baton distance behind the king, two on each sideline at 1 meter and 3 meters, and one on the opposing baseline somewhere in the middle. Use six batons to get all six kubbs down. These are typical spots where teams will place punishment kubbs. In this game, players score one point for each kubb knocked down. Do the best out of three games. If you knock the king down you lose the game.


Rescue Kubb Competition

It’s important to practice rescuing kubbs even though it doesn’t happen very often in a game. When you can do it, it might mean an extra baton in your hand for a king shot! In the Rescue Kubb Competition, two kubbs are spaced evenly on the opponent’s baseline and one kubb is placed on each sideline about a meter from each corner stakes (so four kubbs are “rescuable” in the game). Players throw six kubbs at these four “punishment” kubbs. One point is awarded for each kubb rescued and an additional point is awarded if the thrown kubb also goes out at the same time. The player with the most points wins. Scoring example: three kubbs are rescued, but only two thrown kubbs go out with each one; score equals five.