SCANDIA, Minn. — The Kubb Society brought their signature fun and excitement to Scandia’s Taco Daze festival on Saturday, Sept. 8. For the second year, the format used an interesting scramble format. Registered players were either teams of two or single players. Each round they were matched up to create teams of threes.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and the kubb tournament was surrounded by many other Taco Daze festivities. This lead to a lot of curious onlookers who were exposed to the game for the first time. Many seemed interested—perhaps next year’s tournament will be even bigger?

The scrambled teams of three competed in six qualifying games capped at 25 minutes. After these games, wins and losses were tallied up to create championship and consolation brackets. The “bracket teams” would stay the same for the rest of the day.

Photo of the Taco Daze qualifying rounds.

Qualification results.

Photo of the Taco Daze brackets.

The championship and consolation brackets.

As an added twist, teams would play out to fifth and sixth place as well. Every round in the bracket was best-of-three, including the third place game—which ended up being the last to wrap up.

The championship bracket final match was a bit of a family affair. On one side, Barb Lancette and her mother-in-law Deb Lancette joined Brian Evans. They played against Barb’s husband (and Deb’s son) Ben Lancette, who was teamed up with Dee Dee Halvorson and Madi Herrin. The match was a fierce back-and-forth three games that the Halvorson-Herrin-Lancette team eventually won.

The top teams in both brackets were awarded trophies and a number of other prizes including beer, fancy nuts, kubb swag, and more. Photos from the event can be found on the St. Paul Kubb Society Facebook page.

Photo of the winning team at 2018 Taco Daze Kubb Tournament.

The winning team (Dee Dee Halvorson, Madi Herrin, Ben Lancette) receiving their winners’ loot.