Photo courtesy of Bryan Jones.

The Kubb On voters attempted to predict who would make it to Sunday in the 2018 U.S. National Kubb Championship. How well did they do? Here’s a look at how the predictions held up against the final results. The actual results are shown with the staff’s percentage of correctness in parenthesis. If you’d like to revisit the original predictions, you can do so in parts one, two, three, and four.

Quarter One

  • 2, 4, 6 Mafia (100%)
  • Kubb Squirrels (100%)
  • Kalifornia Kubbers (100%)
  • Beauty School Dropouts (100%)

Quarter Two

  • Kubbstaches (100%)
  • Kubb Life (100%)
  • El Foringers99 (80%)
  • Chaska Red (0%)

Quarter Three

  • (100%)
  • Kubbitz (80%)
  • Tad Kubbler (100%)
  • Grass Kickers (60%)

Quarter Four

  • Chaska Blue (100%)
  • Kubboom Jr (0%)
  • You’ll Never Kubb Alone (0%)
  • Ruckus (100%)

So, in general, a very solid set of predictions. Quarter one was predicted 100 percent correct, but quarter four had the biggest surprises. The voters did predict that Chaska Red would make the top 16 and voter five predicted that Kubboom Jr. would make it, but we were incorrect in the route they would take. You’ll Never Kubb Alone was the only team that made it to Sunday that wasn’t predicted by at least one Kubb On staff member. On average, the staff predicted 76.25 percent correct—an improvement on 2017’s 68.75 percent. Individually, voter one was slightly above average with 81.25 percent accuracy.

Congratulations to all of the teams who competed hard Saturday and Sunday. Read more about the 2018 tournament in the recap.