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Just like last year, the Kubb On staff decided it would be fun to break down the bracket and make some predictions. In this article, the staff will look more in-depth at a portion of the bracket and guess who they believe will advance to Sunday. For reference, check out the official groups and bracket.

Kubb On would like to remind everyone that this is all just for fun. The staff doesn’t claim to know every team or every player, but it’s too intriguing not to at least speculate.

Our voters were mostly unanimous with this side. The six man Chaska Blue (3rd), Chaska Red, Kubbsicles (T9 and two-time champions), and Ruckus (a new team with two group winners and a T5 player) should fill this group’s four spots.

Spot 1

  • Voter 1: Chaska Blue
  • Voter 2: Chaska Blue
  • Voter 3: Chaska Blue
  • Voter 4: Chaska Blue
  • Voter 5: Chaska Blue

Spot 2

  • Voter 1: Chaska Red
  • Voter 2: Chaska Red
  • Voter 3: Chaska Red
  • Voter 4: Chaska Red
  • Voter 5: Chaska Red

Spot 3

  • Voter 1: Kubbsicles

    (Photo courtesy of The Kubbsicles after winning the 2013 championship.

  • Voter 2: Kubbsicles
  • Voter 3: Team Kubboom – The Supernova
  • Voter 4: Kubbsicles
  • Voter 5: Kubbsicles

Spot 4

  • Voter 1: Ruckus
  • Voter 2: Ruckus
  • Voter 3: Ruckus
  • Voter 4: Ruckus
  • Voter 5: Ruckus

Dark Horses

  • Menomonie United
  • Poplar Culture
  • The Team Formally Known As Kubb Kitties

Menomonie United has shown themselves in the past to be a tough competitor and Poplar Culture had a tough road last year, losing to the Ringers in the round of 32. Meanwhile The Team Formally Known As Kubb Kitties will be eager to show they belonged last year in the group of 16 and will have a tough Chaska Red team to prove it.

Other teams to watch: Chaska White, MPG Kubboom, Mountain Kings, Show Me Your Kubbs

Potential Matchup to Watch

  • Chaska Blue vs. Poplar Culture/El Ringer Family Reunion

Most of our voters saw Poplar Culture ending up here, but one saw a possible El Ringer Family Reunion matchup against Chaska Blue. Either way this could be a Clash of the Titans on Saturday, will Chaska Blue switch to three or four players to compete? Will they have to?

So what do you think? We want to hear your opinions. Please feel free to discuss what you think in the comments below.