Photo courtesy of Ryan Kolden

Every month Kubb On gathers votes from a panel of kubb players, organizers, and fans to determine who is making noise in the kubb community. This list is meant to be the players who are getting noticed, not just the “best.” Voters are only asked who their “players to watch” are, the criteria is up to them but in general it is someone who is consistently on top of their game, playing well recently, or greatly improving.


Player NameStateConsecutive weeks on list
Brian WinistorferMN6
Chad BeversWI7
Darren FingerWI7
David GieseWI3
Emily JippMN1
Evan FitzgeraldIL7
Ford RolfsrudMN7
Gregg JochimsenWI7
Matt ErdmanMN1
Phil DickinsonMI5

Others receiving votes: Andrew Thibodeau, Bryan JonesDave Ellringer, Gordon KauffmanJason LarsonJesse Fraim, Joe HrejsaJosh Feathers, JR HrejsaKyle Weakland, Lars ArensonNeil WeaklandPhil GoetstouwersScott ForsterTim Motzko