Photo courtesy of Joe Vargas.

STAR PRAIRIE, Wisc. — Six teams competed in the second annual Star Prairie Kubb Championship. Due to various conflicts, many of last year’s eight teams could not return. In fact, there were only five teams until a couple split into two-person teams, allowing for an even number.

Because of the low number of teams, the tournament adopted a round robin format that allowed all teams to play each other in best-of-three matches. After this, a bracket was formed, with the top two teams getting a bye while the remaining teams battled for a spot in the semifinals.

In the semifinals,Special Friends (Udit Bhateja, Tim Motzko, Brian Winistorfer), coming off their first round bye, matched up againstDouble D (Dave Ellringer, Dee Dee Halvorson). Special Friends took games one and two to move into the finals.

The other semifinal consisted ofRingers (Sy Ellringer, Andrew Strait), who had the first round bye and The Baton Dudes (Josh Carpenter, Christopher Jones, Joe Vargas). Ringers took game one. Only a couple rounds into game two, The Baton Dudes had a penalty kubb that was placed behind the king. A miscalculated throw later, the king was struck and the game, and match, were over.

Video still from finals match at 2017 Star Prairie Kubb Championship.

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The finals were set between Special Friends and Ringers. In game one Special Friends went nearly perfect, only missing one kubb to win it in their second turn. Game two was a little slower. It took Special Friends three turns to win this one.

In the third place game, The Baton Dudes had an unfortunate repeat of their previous game where they struck the king trying to get a penalty kubb. Double D would take third place.

Final Results

  1. Special Friends (Udit Bhateja, Tim Motzko, Brian Winistorfer)
  2. Ringers (Sy Ellringer, Andrew Strait)
  3. Double D (Dave Ellringer, Dee Dee Halvorson)