The year 2020 saw a lot of kubb innovation take place. The European 2v2 Kubb Championship and the North American 1v1 Kubb Championship both took place virtually, all in one day. The Virtual World 1v1 Championship took place over seven weeks throughout the summer. Jan Boogemans of Belgium innovated another virtual kubb concept that gained popularity where he had competitors pick a time slot over the weekend that they would go live on Facebook inside of the group page for the competition. The judges and fans would watch and cheer on each other. Each player threw 30 batons. If they were five-for-five on a particular round, then they got to shoot the king.  The number of kings down was used as a tiebreaker. Some of the biggest scores in the first round included Phil Goestouwers (USA), Grant Scott (USA), Lukas Huser (SUI), Kim Wallaert (BEL), Andreas Thor (GER), Mark Oman (USA), Jan Boogemans (BEL), and Jurgen Mommergency (BEL).

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Week 18