This week’s video in the Big Turns series brings us exactly that. Big Turns refers to a team taking three base kubbs or two base kubbs plus a king in a single turn. Kyle Weakland endures a hurricane in his backyard in 2020 during the North American Virtual 1v1 Championship and still gives us a big turn. Roger Zust anchored his team in Switzerland in 2013. Andy Terveer of Illinois goes big in his virtual match between Northern Illinois Kubb Alliance and Belgium in  2020. Eivind Straume (Norway) of Malibu United drills and blasts his way to a win in the 2019 1v1 at Worlds tournament.  Bryan Jones and Bob Hickes have a huge finish in the 2017 Burning River Kubb Klassic finals in Ohio. Marc Binder (SUI) shows us how to Player’s Perspective Virtual Kubb with a big demonstration turn. Jones and Dave Giese (USA) finish strong at the 2017 Great Lakes Kubb Championship. In 2013, the Kubb’Ings had a breakout year. Robert Harnack and Andreas Pieper finish off the Opfelbaum tournament finals.

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Week 17