In this week’s kubb video, we take a look at a wide variety of tournaments in the United States and even go back a decade to the World Championship. Through the East & West Coast Championships, Kubbapolooza, and U.S. National Kubb Championship to name a few, the depth of talent has grown immensely in the U.S. in the past five seasons. Ethan Forney, Cody Glorioso, Bryan Jones, Christopher Jones, Aaron McKie, Andrew Thibodeau, Demian Moore, and Joe Malkasian have all stepped into the spotlight since about 2015. Sy Ellringer, Sam Klages, and Max Klages prove that our youth need to be taken seriously too. We made room for Team Ekeby in there too. Team Ekeby has the deepest history in our sport going back to the late 1990s. The “drill” technique that we all know today originated in 1997 from their backyard experimentation. No one else was using the “screw technique” (as they called it then). You can read more about it in the 2020 Kubbnation Magazine on page 34.  

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Week 12 of Big Turns, Hot Streaks & Dramatic Finishes