In the spring of 2019, the Virtual World Kubb League formed with 32 players competing in its first season. The players texted their results to their opponent after each turn until the king was down. This new form of kubb gained traction just in time for the pandemic of 2020, when nearly all tournaments were cancelled worldwide. In the Winter of 2020, Chaska hosted a small league (limited by daylight and deep snow). In the finals match, Emily Jipp O’Sullivan of Minneapolis took on Mark Oman of Amery, Wisconsin. The two players were only separated by about 75 miles (120 km) but you can see a big difference in their snow conditions. However, in Chaska we like to say “That’s kubb.” meaning that there are no excuses if conditions or luck is not in your favor. You play the day anyways.

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Virtual World Kubb League: Winter 2020 Finals Match