Fast Facts


Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020


Dallas, Wisconsin






DALLAS, Wisc. — The Dallas Oktoberfest Kubb Tournament returns for its twelfth year on Oct. 3. This is the second oldest kubb tournament in America, and possibly the only six person tournaments. U.S. National rules will be in effect, with a couple variations. Teams must consist of six people, and each player may only throw one baton per round. Teams must also change drillers every turn (so at least two people will need to inkast). As has been the case for the last few years, the number of teams will be capped at 24.

The kubb tournament is just one of many events happening during the Dallas Oktoberfest. The village is hosting a weekend full of things to do including a pancake breakfast, an art fair, a car show, and even a vintage baseball game. You can find more events and scheduled times on the Valkyrie Brewery website.

Registration is now live, and there are still spots available, so gather five friends and sign up today!

Photo courtesy of Christopher Jones.

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