Skill Builder Wednesday returns with two new challenges to help build up your kubb skillset.

Around The World

This challenge comes from Phil Goetstouwers of Lamberton, Minnesota. There are three levels: easy, moderate, and hard. Players can choose to begin the game at 4 meters or 8 meters.

Easy level:  Put one kubb on the baseline at 8 meters and knock it down with one baton. Continue the same thing (knock down one kubb with one baton) at the following meter distances: 7, 6, 5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. You can’t move to the next distance until you get the kubb down. Count how many throws it takes to complete—nine is a perfect game.

Moderate level: If you hit, you move up a level; if you miss, you move downa level. If you miss at 8 meters, you stay there until you hit it.

Hard level: The goal is to go “around the world” without any misses. Any miss requires you to start over at 8 meters.

For the easy level, players can keep one kubb on the baseline and move it up and down the pitch for each distance. For the medium and hard levels, a staked kubb at each distance eliminates having to reset the kubbs all the time. When I play this game, I like to arrange all nine kubbs in a “V” fashion in the upfield (see image above).

Level System Challenge

Ford Rolfsrud from Shakopee, Minnesota designed the Level System Challenge. In this game, each level will always start with five kubbs on the baseline. Start on level 10 which is clearing the five base kubbs using up to 10 batons. If you get them all down, you move to level nine which is nine batons and five base kubbs on the baseline. If you get this you’re on level eight: eight batons and five base kubbs. Continue in this same manner until level five. If you complete level five (five batons and five base kubbs), you win. This can be a competition between players to see who can get to the lowest level.