With the winter Loppet Festival Kubb Tournament coming up, this Kubb Match Monday (#KubbMatchMonday) heads to the ice and snow of the lake Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis. The 2018 semi-finals lined up Chaska Blue’s six-person World Championship team (Phil DickinsonMatt ErdmanJason LarsonJohn OmanMark Oman, Ford Rolfsrud) against Strike Without Warning (Darren FingerEvan Fitzgerald, Pat Rupp). Both teams start out a little slow, but heat up as the match progresses. #kubbunites

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Chaska Blue versus Strike Without Warning

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Still from Kubb Match Monday video.

Kubb Match Monday: Chaska Blue vs. Red at Loppet

Chaska Blue takes on Chaska Red at the 2018 Loppet.

Video still from kubb match Monday episode seven.

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Photo of Kinglsayer Competition at 2018 Great Lakes 1v1.

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