In the autumn of 2017, the three national kubb associations of the European kubb strongholds of Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland founded the European Kubb Association. This was an important step to make the international communication and kubb more professional.

Our main target is the promotion of the sport of kubb and the communication between the active kubb nations in Europe. In line with the official kubb motto, “kubb unites people,” the European Kubb Association wants to enable a fair and open communication and cooperation between the motivated kubb associations of all European nations.

Logo of 2018 European Kubb Championship.Another main motivation is the realization of the first official European Kubb Championships. The planning of the European Kubb Championships for 2018 has already started, and it will be organized by the aforementioned nations. For the 2019 tournament and in the following years, other countries will be able to apply for membership in the association, and the right to host the tournament in their country.

The 2018 European Kubb Championships will take place in the most important hotspot of Swiss Kubb—Baden, Switzerland—on July 6 and 7, 2018. There will be a 1 vs 1, a 3 vs 3, a 6 vs 6, and the European Kubb Championships Freshman’s Cup—a 3 vs 3 tournament for amateurs and less ambitious teams. The goal of the championships is the support of the national spirit of every kubb nation. For the first time in the world history of kubb, teams and players won’t just fight for themselves—they will earn points for their nation, trying to win the overall medal count, and therefore win the European Kubb Championships as the best European nation of kubb!

Although it’s the European Championship, even teams from other continents will be welcome. So think about registering your team now for the first official European Kubb Championships. We would be glad to have you here!


About The Authors

Christoph Fischer, Guest Contributor

Christoph Fischer was first introduced to kubb in 2010 and is has been playing every possible tournament he could since 2012. He is a founding member of the European Kubb Association, the president of the Swiss Kubb Federation (Kubbtour) and the president of the Kubbclub unteres Aaretal. There he is also the chief of the organisation committee from the KCUA CUP—the biggest three player tournament in Europe. Besides organizing 12 kubb tournaments each year, Christoph studied Mechanical Engineering and is currently working in a robotics development company.

Oliver Spiess, Guest Contributor

Oliver Spiess started playing kubb tournaments in 2013 and is a board member of the Kubbclub Wasserschloss in Brugg, Switzerland. Beside of trying to promote kubb in Europe and the cooperation of the European kubb nations, Oliver studies German language and literature studies and philosophy at the university in Basel, Switzerland.