Photo courtesy of Bryan Jones.

Fast Facts


April 28, 2018
10 a.m. Play Starts


Windy Acres Kubb Stadium
10595 Rogers Rd
Alanson, MI 49706



Confirm via text with Phil Dickinson at (231) 330-1794


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ALANSON, Mich.— In the State of Michigan, residents will often tell you that the spotting of an American Robin in their yard is one of the first signs that spring has returned. For a kubb player in Michigan, Phil Dickinson’s 1 versus 1 kubb tournament is the first sign that spring has officially returned. Previously called the Michigan 1v1 Kubb Tournament, the now renamed Great Lakes 1v1 Kubb Tournament will be held on April 28, 2018. Once again, the Great Lakes Kubb Club will host the tournament on the 17-acre grounds of Phil and Stormy Dickinson’s family property.

The tournament will feature nine rounds of the DMK Klassic system where individual players will battle against each other fighting for the top eight spots which will be seeded in a championship bracket. The tournament will use the Kubb United Rules for Open Play v1.1 ruleset. This includes 100 percent in, painted pitches with no stakes, and the “neighbor rule.” The top three finishers and the consolation champion will receive awards.

The king slaying competition will return to the lunch break this year. Those who enter will have two batons to slay the king each turn. The entire field throws their batons at the same time. Those that slay the king move on to the next round, while those who miss with both batons are eliminated. The king is moved three baton lengths back on every round and will continue to move back until there is only one competitor left as champion.

Free camping is available on site with electric and water hookups, if needed. There will be a bonfire and friendlies being played on-site Friday and Saturday nights and the members of the Great Lakes Kubb Club will be providing food on both Friday night and Saturday.

Last year’s tournament had 12 players from three states competing—Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. All skill levels were represented, ranging from a former U.S. National Champion to a player competing in his first ever kubb tournament. Chad Bevers defeated Evan Fitzgerald for a second year straight, earning back-to-back 1v1 Championships while Phil Dickinson won third place.