KubbCoin logo.There’s a new kid on the blockchain, and its name is KubbCoin. Cryptocurrency is all the rage these days, so it’s not all that surprising that even kubb has its own version. Daniel Foster of the Idaho Kubb Association recently created KubbCoin and wants to share it with the kubb world.

What is cryptocurrency?

Wikipedia defines cryptocurrency as:

“…a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.”

Basically, it’s like virtual money. There’s no physical coin, but the units are often referred to as such. Unlike traditional money, there’s a clear record of all transactions, and there’s no centralized control.

KubbCoin is actually a crypto token, something closely related to cryptocurrency. While cryptocurrencies are meant to actually be digital money, a crypto token is more of an asset meant to be traded. Think loyalty points (token) versus hard cold cash (currency). Both exist on top of a blockchain, but they have different intentions.

Why KubbCoin?

Foster says he got interested in blockchains, and wanted to learn more about them. He discovered Hexel—a website where you can create your own crypto tokens. “I always look for strange new things to try,” Foster said. This explains both his discovery of crypto tokens and the game of kubb, which he’s been playing for a few years. While setting up his new coin, Foster wanted a theme and decided what better than his other strange hobby, kubb.

“In a perfect world, it becomes the primary form of currency around the world.” joked Foster. In reality though, his plans for KubbCoin are much more modest. Foster sees KubbCoin as something fun, collectible, and hopefully used as a way to promote kubb. He mentioned tying it to prizes at a tournament, but is open to other ideas.

What’s a KubbCoin worth?

KubbCoin won’t make you rich. In fact, since they’re a crypto token and not a true currency, there is no monetary value assigned to them. That said, nothing has inherent value. That’s just something society decides to assign it. Perhaps KubbCoin will explode in popularity and its limited supply—only 600 total coins available—will skyrocket it to Bitcoin values! Or maybe, more realistically, it becomes a niche collectible coveted by kubb lovers around the world.

How do you get KubbCoin?

Currently, anyone can head over to KubbCoin’s website and make a request. “You just ask.” says Foster. You’ll need to set up an Ethereum wallet address to transfer to, but other than that it’s a simple task. Foster would like anyone asking for KubbCoin to include some ideas for using it, especially plans that can help to promote the game. If you have a great idea, Foster may just grant you a (virtual) pocket full of coins. Once you’ve got some KubbCoin, you can easily exchange it at the same website. Give some to a friend, or a kubb player you admire.

As a special treat for Kubb On readers, Foster has agreed to raffle off 100 KubbCoins to one lucky person. To enter, sign up with the form below.

KubbCoin Giveaway

How would you like to see KubbCoin implemented into the kubb culture and community? Tell us below in the comments!

[UPDATE 3/28/2015 2:47 PM] It was incorrectly stated that a Hexal account was needed to be created to hold KubbCoin. It has been updated to correctly call out the need for an Ethereum wallet address instead.