Photo courtesy of Jake Leavitt

EMPORIUM, Penn. — The first tournament ever in Cameron County, Pennsylvania was held this past weekend in Emporium. The Cameron County Kubb Doubles tournament, hosted by Cellarworx Woodworking, was played at the Cameron County Fairgrounds. The day started sunny with temperatures around 50 degrees. The temperature rose quickly and reached the mid 70s by the end of the tournament. The tournament was quite lucky to have this weather as it was unusually warm for the end of October in Northern Pennsylvania. A delicious lunch was provided by Cellarworx, consisting of hamburgers, hotdogs, cake, and various other sides.

The tournament had a surprisingly large turnout for a small town with a population of little more than 2,000 people. Ten teams showed up to show off their skills on the kubb pitch. The tournament used stacking to speed up the game play because many players had only been playing for a few weeks or a few months. The 10 teams played out a double elimination bracket. The Kubbstaches (Jake Leavitt, Nadea Leavitt) rushed to the final undefeated. Team Champ (Joe Margeson, Steve Summerson) and Test Kubb Babies (Alyssa Weakland, Paul Weakland) fought through the lower bracket to reach the third place match for a chance to play in the final.

Team Champ defeated the Test Kubb Babies, 2-0, leaving the Test Kubb Babies to take home the third place trophy. The first game quickly reached seven kubbs in play, with two base kubbs left for the Test Kubb Babies and one for Team Champ. The game stalled there for a few rounds until Team Champ was able to break through and get the last kubb and the king. The second game also went to seven kubbs in play, until Team Champ was able, once again, to get that last kubb and the king.

After waiting for about two hours to play the final, the Kubbstaches were up and playing again. The final, between Team Champ and the Kubbstaches, was played with the trophy sets made by Cellarworx Woodworking. The first game was played on a fresh pitch with the Kubbstaches quickly ending the game after three rounds of play. For game two, the teams moved to another pitch with a fresh kubb set to face off one last time. The Kubbstaches, once again, got off to a quick start and quickly ended the game in round four to win the 2017 Cameron County Kubb Doubles Tournament.

Photo Courtesy of Jake Leavitt

Final Results

  1. Kubbstaches (Jake Leavitt, Nadea Leavitt)
  2. Team Champ (Joe Margeson, Steve Summerson)
  3. Test Kubb Babies (Alyssa Weakland, Paul Weakland)