Photo courtesy of Mike Davids

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C.—The fourth annual Kubbspel Fall Klassic was held Oct. 14 at the Huntersville Athletic Park. The day started out cloudy and with temperatures in the mid 60s and finished mostly sunny and 81 degrees. That’s a nice change of pace from the last three tournaments, which were hot and averaged over 88 degrees each. This year’s six team field was one of our smallest tournaments yet, but the competition level was amazing. There were no favorites going into the day, and there proved to be none to come out of it either. It was really anyone’s tournament to win. The day started with five, single 25 minute matches of round robin play, seeding teams for the afternoon’s championship. Lunch was provided by Mark and Diana Swenson with all proceeds going to Appalachian Service Project.  And let me tell you, it was amazing. If you really want to know what BBQ is, come south.

The afternoon started with Carolina Kubb Krew (Mike Davids, Leigh Northrup) and the Woodchuckers (Dan Fletcher, Jason Thompson) having a first round bye as the top two seeded teams. Competition was fierce and unpredictable in the quarter finals, with the third seeded Carmel Sauce & the Kubbin Missile Crisis (Nick Bartlett, Chris Bartlett)—yes, that was their actual team name—narrowly escaping a late match charge from New Kubbs on the Block. The other quarter final match featuring Gamalost and Less Stank ended in a very animated 2-0 win for Less Stank.

The semi-finals consisted of Carolina Kubb Krew dominating their match against Less Stank (Drew Gander, Craig Leonard) 2-0. On the other side, the Woodchuckers versus Carmel Sauce & the Kubbin Missile Crisis played a one game match that turned into a one-hour marathon game to win 1-0 in order to get to the finals.

The finals had the Woodchuckers squaring up with Carolina Kubb Krew. The Kubb Krew came in looking for revenge after a hearty loss to the Woodchuckers earlier in the day, giving the Krew their only loss. The first match was a back and forth battle with nine kubbs in play until the Woodchuckers made a rare mistake and left an advantage for the Krew. They took advantage clearing the nine with four batons and then Northrup sealed the deal with his final two batons. Game two had the Woodchuckers up 3-0 after one turn and then the marathon began. They went back and forth at seven kubbs in play for several turns. Another epic battle and another advantage line for the Kubb Krew finished the day as 2017 Kubbspel Fall Klassic Champions.

Third place match between Less Stank and Carmel Sauce & the Kubbin Missile Crisis went the distance with Less Stank pulling off the one hour 15 minute upset to grab third place 2-1.

Photo courtesy of Mike Davids

Final Results

  1. Carolina Kubb Krew (Mike Davids, Leigh Northrup)
  2. Woodchuckers (Dan Fletcher, Jason Thompson)
  3. Less Stank  (Drew Gander, Craig Leonard)