Photo courtesy of Drew Gander

Fast Facts


Saturday, June 24, 2017


Baileywick Park, Multipurpose Field #3
501 Baileywick Rd,
Raleigh, NC 27615




RALEIGH, N.C.— One of the new tournaments for 2017 is the Carolina Cup Kubb Tournament, hosted by the Raleigh Kubb club at Baileywick Park. The tournament, directed by Drew Gander, will be a two to three person DMK Klassic style (four to five rounds, 25 minutes each) with an added twist. Teams with either represent or be assigned one of the two Carolina Kubb clubs (Raleigh Kubb or Queen City Kubb) to represent. Points will be awarded during the opening rounds and single elimination tournament and at the end, one of the two clubs will win the coveted Carolina Cup. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate regardless of skill level, experience or location. The hope is to build some friendly in state rivalries as well as to promote and spread kubb throughout North Carolina.

The event will help raise money for the Duke Cancer Institute. Awards will be given to the top three teams in addition to the Carolina Cup going to the club with the most points at the end of the day. Right now the tournament is expecting to have anywhere from eight to 10 teams. You are encouraged to bring your own lunch or snacks, and there are several restaurants within two miles of the event site if needed. Details are still being worked on for a post tournament party with details to come from Raleigh Kubbs social media sites (Facebook, Twitter).

Photo Courtesy of Drew Gander

This has definitely been a learning experience for me as this is the first tournament I have put together and will be the first tournament for Raleigh Kubb. I’m sure I have/will make mistakes, but I definitely have a new appreciation for all of the tournament directors across the country that allow us to show up and have fun. My main goal is to get new people to come out for a tournament and see how much fun it is. Playing in my first tournament is what really turned me on to how much fun kubb is and introduced me to so many good people across the country. I want to introduce as many people as possible to that and raise some money for charity in the process. —Drew Gander