Photo courtesy of Evan Fitzgerald

Battle Kubb is a brand new card game created by Evan Fitzgerald. The game can be played with two, four, or six players. Fitzgerald, who says he’s always been interested in board games and design, was looking to create something fast-paced and multiplayer. He explains,

I tried to make regular kubb into a card game, but the results seemed boring to me and then I remembered a simultaneous action version of kubb that some players used to play called Battle Kubb.

After watching this video of real-life Battle Kubb, Fitzgerald says, “all of the actions just started to click and I designed my first prototype within a couple weeks.” After the prototype was ready, he shared it with kubb players around the United States and Canada. Fitzgerald gathered feedback and used it to make tweaks to the gameplay. “It really has been a team effort from the kubb community.” he says.

The two player version is described as fast-paced with interesting choices to make, while the four or six player version is even more chaotic, much like the real-life Battle Kubb that inspired it.

There will be 30 copies of Battle Kubb available for $15 each at the upcoming Rockford Swedish Historical Society Kubb Tournament. All profits from the game will go to the Kubb United Community Grant Fund.