The idea of striving for perfection is on the minds of the top teams. Can you play a perfect game under pressure in the biggest tournaments? Joakim Ekelöf of Sweden, Matti van den Eynde of Belgium, and Emily O’Sullivan of the United States show us their stuff. In 2020, several players took the perfect game challenge from JP’s Backyard Games and posted their most creative and fastest perfect games. We also continue to look back at some history at the World Kubb Championship as we see some of the earliest content out there on the 12-time winners Team Ekeby going back to 2009. Jens Van Noten of Belgium has some of our favorite videos on YouTube. He drills it tight, blasts with one stick and picks off an 8 meter kubb with his second stick. The kubb scene in Switzerland is like none other, as the KCUA Cup finals of 2019 demonstrates with some big turns.

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Week 14: Is perfection possible?